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Hey evereybody!
Due to my vacations some time has passed since I posted the last News Video from Andys Dinosaur Review. If you are not already following him on his amazing channel, then you find the latest video here. The missing videos are simply linked below.

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Small Changes & Fixes

Posted 2019-09-02 11:12:52

Yesterday the hoster did some changes on the server side. That's why the site didn't work yesterday. I've worked around this and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
Further more there are some minor fixes:
- added an extra information on the products called "Sculptor" - this will be filled gradually if known
- on the Browse page you will see, if there are any comments on a particular figure
- fixed the issue we had in showing characters like Á € ü etc...

Have a good start into this new week alltogether :)

News August 2019 #02

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