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News 05.10.2019 - Schleich 2020

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Happy Birthday!!!

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Highslide JS For me, it's unbelievable that an entire year has passed since this website went online.

Much work has been done in the programming of the website and I am pleased that the site has met with great interest in you. Meanwhile, the site is even considered as a reference, which makes me incredibly proud. At the beginning I was a little unsure how the site would be received by you, but for me it is a success.

After getting rid of many small bugs (which you have all been telling me diligently), the site became more and more user-friendly. Thanks to all of you!

But not only that was a big help. The active participation of forum members from the in the database was probably the greatest enrichment. A year ago I really didn't think that the database would quadruple. And that still not all figures are covered yet, this fact surprises me now. I underestimated the sheer number of figures and companies.

But what would the database be without all the beautiful pictures? Thanks to everybody who wrote to me or sent pictures. Every message was a blessing. Even simple conversations away from the website, was always a pleasure :)

I would like to end my post with a brief review of the small milestones and a statistical comparison from the beginning to the current state of the website:

Highslide JS 03.10.2018 - The Website went online and there was only me as an user and one test account.
09.10.2018 - The first user registered and started to manage his/her collection
23.10.2018 - The first reviews from dinotoyblog were linked.
01.11.2018 - Enabled a page limit and sorting feature for the browse page - Yep! We had a lot of loading in the beginning.
17.12.2018 - There is now a complex filter for the browse page.
10.04.2019 - You wanted to delete your account? You now could and indeed - One person did do that :-\
12.06.2019 - Implemented the News videos from Andys Dinosaur Reviews for a quick look on what's going on.
22.06.2019 - Rating, Adding, Wishlist feature enabled on the product page
26.09.2019 - The first post about a company went online (U.K.R.D.)

Safari 2020

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There are 9 new releases for the Safari Prehistoric World Line next year. You can already put them on your wishlist so you will not forget about them until their release early next year.

Source: Dan's Dinosaurs via Facebook

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