News October 2020

Posted 2020-10-24 09:16:51

I would like to apologize for the few updates here, but I have a lot to do besides this website at the moment. I hope you can still find everything you need :)

Wild Past Vitae 2020 Musée 2020 PNSO 2020 W-Dragon Giganotosaurus BotM Lythronax Nanmu 2020 MM Bajadasaurus

Source: Andy's Dinosaur Reviews

LIFE: The evolution of life on earth series

Posted 2020-09-25 06:15:40

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Surely some have already discovered it and I too would like to stir up a little attention for it. There's a little project on Kickstarter about an evolution-themed board game featuring up to 268 miniatures of Paleozoic organisms. I especially like the 4 different game modes.
Unfortunately, the campaign only lasts 60 hours, but maybe there are still a few supporters just before the finish line.

Source: LIFE Kickstarter

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