About DTC

DinoToyCollector or just DTC is a page to manage your collection of DinoFigures. The website should help you to keep track of your collection.

What is the difference to similar pages?
DTC will assist you if you are looking for a suitable piece for your display or exhibition. You are looking for a Dino who lived in the same area or at the same time? Or do you just want to collect all dinosaurs on the same scale or from one manufacturer? Then you are right here!
By adding pieces to your virtual collection you will not lose track of your real one.
Maybe you even discover figures that you have not noticed before ...

The Team

DinoToyCollector was programmed by Stefan Klein and with the help of the almighty Internet.
He is the head of DinoToyCollector and doing the website and database code. So he responsible for every single bug in the program structure ;) There are still many minor issues to fix and add. So let us know if you find something!
Although he comes from Germany, the website is in English in order to make it accessible to more people. If errors have crept into the English language, then you can tell us via the contact form.
This website is a matter of the heart and we hope there is someone out there who appreciates this work.


Database Manager


Database Manager


Database Manager

Database managers can add, edit & delete items on the database.

You can find the impressum here

Privacy and Cookies

You can find our privacy policy here (German only)
The privacy policy in English will follow soon.


DTC offers several features that are self-explanatory at best.
In detail, these are the following functions at the moment:
- News page with pictures and links
- Browse through the database using individual options (company, year, scale ...)
- Reviewing, displaying and commenting figures
- Finding detailed reviewes on external websites
- Managing your own collection (registration is needed)

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What's next?

At the moment, the main focus is on filling the database with figures and related information.
The site will not stay as it is at the moment and is far from finished. There are still many ideas to make the experience better. Since I do the work by hand and until recently had no experience in the handling of the programming of websites, more features will be added gradually, but this will take time.
Upcoming features will be:

- Adding several figures with the same product number to the collection (if you can not get enough of a certain figure)
- Multilingualism of the website (At the moment you have to enjoy the english-german mix.)


At the moment it is possible to write a comment on the product page at any time without being moderated. However, if it happens that this feature is abused, it will be changed very quickly.


On the browse page you will find the possibility to sort by scale.
The scale is a tricky thing!
Unless otherwise stated by the company, it is difficult to determine the exact scale for the figures. Dinosaurs were real creatures and real creatures are diverse in their appearance and size.

For example, a full-grown Asian elephant can be between 5.5m and 6.5m in length
That's a difference of 1 meter for the same species.
This results in a scale of a 1:40 figure in the length of 13.75cm - 16.25cm.
If you now have a 16.25cm figure and see it as an Asian elephant of 5.5m in length, so it would have a scale of 1:34

As dinosaurs are unfortunately extinct, one can only estimate the approximate size and length of dinosaurs. That and the differences in the natural size only lead to a vague scale of the figures.
In order to keep the matter simple here, the scale has been reduced to the respective closer:

1:1 / 1: 2 / 1:3 / .. / 1:9 /
1:10 / 1:13 / 1:15 / 1:18 /
1:20 / 1:25 / 1:30 / .. / 1:95 /
1:100 / 1:110 / 1:120 / ...

That means a 1:26 figure is sorted at 1:25

Nonetheless, on the product page you can still find the exact scale based on an average sized animal (as far as we know at this time).
If you want to calculate the scale for yourself, then just divide the size of the animal by that of the figure.

Affiliate Marketing

As mentioned before, this site is run as a hobby of mine alone. It takes a lot of time, and to pay some of that time you'll find paid links all over the page. Shopping via such a link does not cause any further costs for you, but benefits this site.


There are problems with the use of the website or you would like to suggest improvements? Then just use our contact form .
Likewise, I would like to point out that the database is constantly growing. If you want to contribute information or pictures, I am very happy about it. Also pointing to errors in the database is very helpful. I would like to keep the website as up-to-date, correct in content and clear as possible.